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Fifty candles
November 12, 2009, 3:11 am
Filed under: Personal Transitions

Check list for November: buy anniversary card for husband (check); make Thanksgiving plans for family (check); dust off holiday decorations in basement (check); turn 50 years old–ummm, hold that thought.

A big life transition is heading toward me. My 50th birthday is about three weeks away, and the only thing I can say concerning that is “how did it get here so fast?” Torn between “it’s no big deal–50 is the new 40” and “alert the media–she’s made it this far,” I’m going to celebrate with girlfriends and have dinner with my family, but amid the party plans, there are big questions tumbling around in my head concerning my legacy, you know, how Ill make my mark. I’m not rich, wildly successful with my career, famous or soundly popular. I have a job that’s lost its appeal but pays my bills, so I spend the evenings trying to build my own business. Like raising kids, it’s a slow process.

There may not be oodles of friends in my circle, I have loyal, wonderful buddies. I’m grateful for them, and my husband and daughter. My house never seems to be as clean as I’d like it to be, there’s never enough time to finish my list of action items, and I’ve held on to the same 30 pounds for the last 30 years so that if I were to lose the weight it’d seem like I lost an old friend.

Still, I’m grateful to have a roof over my head and the drive to always do better, and as for those 30 pounds–well, some friends come and go. Being healthy is a goal that I need to be serious about, and if dropping the weight is part of that, great.

Like this blog post, it seems like my life is all over the place right now and I feel strongly like I must pull it together. With probably 20–30 good years left (God willing), there’s less time left on this side of 50 as there was on the other side. I wish I had something profound to say about turning 50, but there’s nothing I can share.

Those of you who have turned the corner on 50, how did that birthday affect you?  Any important revelations about yourself or life you can share as a result, or did you just have a whiz-bang of a party and call it a day? Please share a comment.





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Dear Debbie,

Congratulations on turning 50. It’s a piece of cake. Believe me, I know because I’m facing a big birthday too. I turn 60 on November 22nd and I’m planning my first trip to Paris to celebrate.

Like you said, we have our health and a roof over our heads.

Comment by Fran Folsom

Thanks, Fran, for your good wishes and may I convey mine for your upcoming birthday. I hope your trip to Paris will be amazing. What a nice treat for you! It’s inspiring to me. Again, I appreciate your comment!

Comment by Debbie

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