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Are we there yet?

Later this month, I’m doing a webinar about the importance of travel for blended families and how it helps to build a cohesive unit. The presentation is “in the can,” and I have time to reflect (as I often do when I pause to breathe) on the title, “Are We There Yet.” I see this as a question I can ask for many areas of my life, and maybe you can as well.I think T.S. Elliott said life is about the journey. That’s so true. Everything in my life–family, career, faith–is a work in progress. Often, I want a flip to the end and see the outcome, but life isn’t a book that we can cheat by reading ahead, and that is the wonderful–and maddening–thing.

Is my family “there yet?” A resounding no. Struggles continue as I deal with an alienating parent, teenage daughter, unsure husband and my own doubts and emotions. Blended family? You have to be kidding. Like most stepfamilies, we’re more of a “patchwork family,” trying to quilt together a unit based on respect, love and acceptance and honey, it ain’t easy.

My career, after 20 years at a company, should be wrapped up as being there. Well, I guess that was true, until last year when things turned sour and I decided to try and knit together a writing/editing business with the idea I’d step out as a solopreneur. I’m absolutely not there (yet), but it’s starting to click.

The faith journey I’m on is (appropriately) still evolving as I ponder what I’m supposed to be learning by the life trials, as well as successes. We all want to know the answer to “why am I here,” so when I figure out mine, I’ll share it with all of you!

There is one thing I’m sure of, and that is we’re not meant to be alone on this road trip called life. We were created to be in relationship with others, to network, connect, befriend, etc., and that’s what the online conference on March 26 is about. United Marriage and Family Associates has assembled 10 presenters–including me–to talk about topics such as parenting, estate planning, communication, mediation and family travel. It’s true that the best memories between my husband, daughter and me are from our family vacations. When we can go away, just the three of us, leaving troubles at home, it’s when our best chemistry cooks, when laughs are plentiful and stress is gone. I encourage families to get out this summer, if only for a weekend, and devote time just to yourselves. Your gang deserves it.

If you have a favorite family vacation memory, I’d love to know about it. Feel free to share.

Register for the conference before March 22 and the fee is $39.99; after that, it’s $59.99. For more information about the online blended family conference, visit and click on the link that appears on our home page.


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