Fly with the Phoenix

Love who you are first

It’s often said we cannot find love if we cannot love ourselves, and there’s a lot of truth in that. Love Celebration starts with remembering the wonderful things about you and honors those qualities by setting aside time for self care. Do an activity that brings happiness. Take a relaxing bath while listening to beautiful music. Indulge in a nap or enjoy a favorite food. Honor the time you have to yourself.  Continue reading


Painting a new picture for yourself

I’m redecorating my bedroom. I thought it was time; nine years and a lot of water under the bridge–the place was ready for an update.

Anyway, the people who lived in my house before me must have had trouble hanging window treatment hardware as there are five anchor holes on each side of my window, and as I was covering them with compound, I thought about the similarities between my house and me. We share scars and holes but each is getting a fresh coat of paint, a fresh start. Continue reading

It’s not wrong to drool
December 12, 2009, 3:13 pm
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Major drama again with teen daughter. I’ll spare you all the details, but needless to say, I was pretty upset yesterday. However, rather than allow the sadness and frustration to overtake me, I had a major personal breakthrough; I did something nice for myself. Continue reading